1.) How to create Shopify keys

In the Shopify admin interface please go to "Apps" and click to "Manage private apps" option: (

Click to "Create a new private app" button and give a name and an e-mail address you wish to use. Choose "Show inactive Admin Api permission" and set the option "Read and write", then click to "Save" button.

When the private app has been created successfully, API key and Password (from Admin API) have to be provided on the interface of Barion. To have the password presented, please click to "Show".

2.) Filling Barion details out

In the Preferences (or Settings) provide the required details for the integration. The Shopify-related fields can be found in the last section of the previous step.

3.) Adding the integration code to Shopify Admin interface

On the Shopify Admin interface please go to "Settings" --> "Checkout" menu and add the followingcode to the section "Additional scripts":

<script src=""></script>
orderId: {{ }},
domain: '{{shop.domain}}',
gateway: '{{order.gateway}}',
orderStatus: '{{order.financial_status}}'

4.) Adding a payment method on Shopify Admin interface

On Shopify Admin interface go to "Settings" -> "Payments" and "Manual payment methods". Click to "Manual payment methods" then choose "Create custom payment methods".

Provide the following details:

  • Custom payment method name: Payment through Barion system
  • Additional details: after making an order you will be directed to the billing interface of Barion.

After you have provided everything, click to "Active" button.